The Log House at Sweet Trees: A Spiritual Retreat Center.

Spiritual Formation

The Mission of the Log House at Sweet Trees is to provide places for rest, restoration, and Sabbath linking ancient prayer, worship and spiritual traditions of the church with the use of modern technology. 

God has blessed us with the location, spaces, training and abilities to be a resource for you.  Whether you need our spaces for your own small group retreat, or our skills in planning for your small group needs, or our help in defining and planning for your personal retreat and spiritual growth; or just spaces to rest and listen for God… we are here to work with you!

We can help you link your Meyers – Briggs personality types to the disciplines of Spiritual Formation.  We can help you examine your Spiritual Gifts and God given talents. Small group retreats can work with The Ennegram and study how your personality traits relate to others and your life work.     

Russell and I have trained with Dr. Don Rogers and Jacqueline Nowak at the Blessing Center.  Their practical, hands on tools and skills have equipped us to nurture Spiritual Growth on a very practical level using hands on models and tools that you will take back home to empower growth in your faith community. 

Our work with Elise Esingler, and our familiarity with her Upper Room Book of Worship bring additional resources to your worship/retreat focus.  We have experienced and can help you experience and learn about Taize worship.  

Barbara’s work with The Academy of Spiritual Formation #27, sponsored by the Upper Room ended in August of 2009. She has been blessed to work with such noted authors and teachers as Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Canham, Dr. Loyd Allen, Rabbi David Horowitz, Sr. Kathleen Flood, Rev. Daniel Benedict, and Dr. Robert Mulholland.  This training and learning are an invaluable asset Barbara brings to the Retreat Center.

Barbara is a commissioned Deacon in The West Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Barbara is a graduate of United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio with a Masters of Arts in Specialized Ministries in Digital Culture Ministry.    

We can plan a workshop or retreat custom tailored to your groups needs. Please be in discussion with us for how we can best serve your group; or personal retreat needs.

Special rates are available for ministry teams and small group work.  Please be in touch with us.  Peace in Christ!  BBR

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