However, there are main variations, relying on the kind of wooden . If a tree grows all its life within the open and the circumstances of soil and website remain unchanged, it will make its most fast growth in youth, and steadily decline. The annual rings of development are for many years fairly extensive, however later they turn into narrower and narrower. As a tree reaches maturity its crown becomes more open and the annual wooden production is lessened, thereby decreasing still extra the width of the expansion rings. In the case of forest-grown timber so much depends upon the competition of the bushes of their struggle for mild and nourishment that intervals of rapid and slow development may alternate. Some bushes, such as southern oaks, keep the same width of ring for hundreds of years.

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I love this tree and nonetheless have some childhood memories that contain this species and it’s “spiky balls”. I spray painted the dried balls with gold paint and used them in an artwork project. Also, a few of them became actual Christmas tree ornaments that my household used for a number of years in a row after I had “made” them.

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