If you were a drop of water, where would you go? That is exactly how the professional Mobile roofers think to figure out where a leak is coming from. At times, it is a challenge – leaks rarely follow a straight line. To think like a drip, 1st you need to understand the following three things about physics:

  1. Water is attracted to itself so 1stit pools up, then begins to move to a lower point by means of the path of least resistance, and then it pulls on itself to create a stream.
  2. Water takes the path of least resistance.
  3. Water is affected by gravity more than anything else – it is always trying to move down from wherever it is.

When it comes to your roofing system to think like a drip, you need to understand the environment of the drip.

  1. What type of roofing system is it? –A single ply will offer a completely different set of options than an asphalt roof.
  2. What is the deck made of? –If it is plywood, then a drip might like the seams between the 4 x 8 sheets. If it is metal, then a drip will be like the fasteners. And if it is concrete, then the drip most likely has a whole lot of company prior to it finally finding its way out.
  3. How many roof decks are there? –If a 2nd roof was built on top of the original, the professional of a top-rated roofing company Mobile, AL suggested that the hole, unfortunately, could be in the bottom roof.
  4. How is the building constructed? –If it is old masonry, it could be a waterproofing issue. If it is metal, then it is possibly related to movement.
  5. What are the potential pathways that might be out of the ordinary? –Could it create a stream along structural members? Or could it possibly discover a way into the building that has nothing to do with the roofing system at all?

At times, it takes 2 or more times to think like a drip accurately – drips can be tricky

Sometimes coming across and fixing leaks means going through a fair amount of trial and error. The same as a doctor who is trying to diagnose a medical condition, your roofing contractor will begin with the most likely scenario for the drip. “This is what it looks like, so let’s try this.” Usually, the most likely scenario takes care of the problem but, at times, the actual solution is not the 2nd or even the 3rd most likely scenario.

If after the 3rd fix the drip is still fooling the leak detective, it is most likely time for diagnostic surgery. This qualitative analysis of your roof may involve test cuts or even bringing in specialized equipment. So, if you are also fed up with a leaking roof, hire a specialist for roof leak repair at Southern Roofing Systems in Mobile, Alabama.

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