For stains, though, window curtains and material might require both dry cleaning or the professional tools of someone like a COIT technician. Wood Vertical Window Blinds may be simply cleaned with the identical strategies discussed above. They are straightforward to wash by simply turning the slats in both the directions one after the other and simply wiping them. Use a microfiber cloth for better scratch and stain resistance. Our ultrasonic blind cleansing business opportunity comes with all of the resources you will want to succeed. Explore the possibilities of proudly owning your personal blind cleansing business and enjoying true financial freedom.

Method 2: The Method To Clear Vinyl Blinds In The Bathtub

Then, combine heat water and gentle cleaning soap in a bucket. Dip a soft-cloth brush within the mixture and scrub the blinds. Rinse them with a backyard hose and hold them to dry. Delicately mud them off, you are able to do vacuuming with a brush that comes as an adjunct with every vacuum. For the center, you can use compressed air that will blow away the mud. For any spots use a humid sponge or delicate cloth with heat water you might also add detergent or liquid soap in it.


We use an ultrasonic system where your blinds are dipped into heat water with a gentle, green detergent. The ultrasonic system produces hundreds of thousands of “tiny bubbles” that pop, eradicating mud, dirt, grime, and so on. The whole blind is cleaned – the blinds, strings and cords. The blind is then hung and every slat is hand cleaned and dried eliminating any water streaks or spots. Finally, the blinds are reinstalled at your personal home or business.

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