We see light as a basic form of energy. The Sun sends a huge amount of energy to Earth’s surface, which allows us to capture and use it through solar energy systems. This article explores how light works with photovoltaic technologies to bring solar power into our homes.

How Do PV Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made up of cells that contain a material like silicon, which is a type of semiconductor. When these cells absorb light particles called photons, they generate an electric current. The electricity produced by solar cells is called direct current (DC), but most household devices need alternating current (AC). To convert DC into AC, a device called an inverter is used. This AC electricity can either be used in your home or sent back to the power grid through a net meter.

Homeowners might also install storage systems like batteries or generators to keep solar energy for later use. This stored power can be handy during emergencies or to cut down on electricity costs during peak times.

Photovoltaics: The Science Behind It

PV solar panel technology relies on the photovoltaic effect and other scientific principles.

Light Absorption and Emission

Light absorption happens when light energy changes into energy inside electrons, molecules, or atoms. Light emission is when this internal energy is turned back into light energy. These processes help generate and harness solar energy.

Light Reflection and Transmission

Reflection and transmission are related to absorption and play a role in how solar energy interacts with Earth’s surface.

Transmission is how solar radiation moves through a medium like water, air, or glass.
Reflection happens when solar radiation bounces off surfaces like metal, snow, or ice.

Both reflection and transmission influence how much solar radiation reaches Earth’s surface and determine how much energy can be turned into electricity or heat by devices like PV solar cells. PV solar panels are specifically designed to absorb as much solar energy as possible with low reflection and high transmission.

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